Who uses the Hamilton Internet Exchange?

This section shows information about the organisations that peer with the public route servers [AS45279] at the Hamilton Internet Exchange. These organisations may also have bilateral peering sessions between themselves and other entities not listed here.

Their contact details are available from the APNIC database which is available at http://wq.apnic.net/apnic-bin/whois.pl.

CityLink cannot change these contact details - contact the organisation concerned or APNIC.

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For an alternative source of information see the New Zealand Network Operators' Contact list

Route Servers

The following route servers are in operation on the Exchange:


The route servers only implement basic filtering.

A list of bogons is copied from http://www.team-cymru.org/Services/Bogons/bogon-bn-agg.txt and these routes are filtered inbound and outbound. In addition both IPv4 and IPv6 default routes are filtered as well as IPv4 prefixes > /24 and IPv6 prefixes > /48.

There are also filters that limit the number of prefixes that any peer can announce:

  • Default Max IPv4 prefixes: 1000
  • Default Max IPv6 prefixes: 100
Any organisation wishing to announce more than these defaults should contact peering@citylink.co.nz.


There are 2 organisations configured to peer with the route servers, if you believe this is in error again please contact peering@citylink.co.nz.

AS Number Peering Details

descr: FX Networks
aut-num: AS9503

For contact details and peering policy see the APNIC database: AS9503

IPv4 peer:
IPv6 peer: 2001:7fa:3:b0df::16

Max IPv4 prefixes: 1000
Max IPv6 prefixes: 500

descr: Rural Link
aut-num: AS45267

For contact details and peering policy see the APNIC database: AS45267

IPv4 peer:
IPv6 peer: 2001:7fa:3:b0df::15

Max IPv4 prefixes: 1000
Max IPv6 prefixes: 500

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